3 new students join the team

Ioanna Tzavara and Nassim Haji

This month, 3 new students have started their research projects in the team. Ioanna Tzavara and Nassim Haji are working on their final research internship for the Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences program. Ioanna is originally from Greece and during her Bachelor has developed an interest in systems biology, pharmacology, development and aging, as well as diseases and their treatment. Nassim has a long-standing interest in disease and treatment. He aims to pursue a Master’s degree in the fields of Biology of Diseases with a special interest in Cardiovascular Research after completing his Bachelor thesis. Both Ioanna and Nassim will be working on patient-level models of AF, addressing parts of the VIRTUAL-AF project.

Johan van Koll

Finally, Johan van Koll, a 4th year medicine student at Maastricht University will join for his scientific research internship (WESP), focusing on improved diagnosis of patients presenting with acute chest pain. Johan previously completed the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, also at Maastricht University. After his bachelor’s thesis at the ICU of MUMC+, he was involved in a research project regarding the mechanical ventilation of COVID-19 patients.