Henry Sutanto obtains PhD cum laude

On January 15th, Henry Sutanto successfully defended his PhD project ‘Integrative Computational Modeling of Calcium Handling and Cardiac Arrhythmias’, which was supervised by Dr. Jordi Heijman, Prof. Paul Volders and Prof. Harry Crijns. After a 15-min talk aimed at the general public, Henry defended his work against a degree committee consisting of Prof. Frits Prinzen, Prof. Ralf Peeters, and Dr. Dominik Linz (Maastricht University), as well as Prof. Antonio Zaza (Milan, Italy), Prof. Stefano Severi (Bologna, Italy), and Dr. Katherine Dibb (Manchester, UK). Henry received the distinction ‘cum laude’. This distinction is very rare in the Netherlands. Among other things, it requires that the work: “contains a thorough and exhaustive analysis of a particular scientific problem”, “places that analysis (and thereby the problem) in a wider theoretical context” and “makes a substantial contribution to the academic debate leading to new points of view or insights”. It requires the unanimous approval of the assessment committee, as well as that of two additional external experts selected by the university. We congratulate Henry with this incredible achievement!