Position for PhD student available

We are looking for a motivated PhD student to join our team and work on a project about integrative computational modeling of cardiomyocyte calcium-handling. In this project, you will participate in ongoing experimental research (in particular confocal microscopy and patch-clamp experiments) to delineate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias. You will employ the thereby generated data to develop novel dynamic computational models (programmed in C++ and Matlab) to investigate the potential central role of (abnormal) Ca2+ handling in cardiac arrhythmogenesis. These models can be employed to integrate available data, design future experiments, predict potential effects of (antiarrhythmic) drugs, and extrapolate molecular and cellular findings to a multi-cellular environment, thereby providing important new insights to improve the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

The ideal candidate has successfully completed a master’s degree (or equivalent) in biomedical engineering, biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine, or related disciplines. He/she has a strong intrinsic motivation to commit to a 4 year PhD-program, a demonstrable interest in cardiovascular research, and an analytical mindset. Previous experience with computational modeling / programming experience, or relevant experimental techniques in molecular biology or electrophysiology is considered a plus.

 Interested candidates can apply via Academic Transfer.